Albert-Oakland Park, Columbia, Missouri

Doug's off the cuff opinions:
On the challenge scale... Like I have any idea. We played three freakin' holes before heading off on our own
Just plain fun: Well, _I_ had a good time

Really two courses, the first is very tightly packed in what I've come to consider the mid-80's style (for no particular reason, I might add... I don't even know when the course was installed or that courses in the mid-80's tended to be tightly packed. That's how it sits in my mind, though, so that's how it sits on the page) with some interesting throws. The baskets are Mach-II's. We got there about an hour before it got dark and had a little trouble finding our way from hole to hole so we played safari for a while before heading to what I'll call the back course.

The back course is more open (with Mach-III's) and we did the safari thing there, too, mainly to avoid losing any discs in the woods... silly us. Todd managed to find the DEEP woods by throwing 400 feet straight to the right off the tee pad. Dedication can overcome any obstacle, I suppose. Anyway, we played several very entertaining holes but I really have no idea how the real course plays because, well, we didn't play it. Based on what I saw, if you're here with only time for one of them, play the back.

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