Gordon Barnett Park, Orlando, Florida

We played this one as the first leg of the triple crown 2000, and I really grew to like it.   There's one multi-shot hole, #18, and a few that come close.  18's a pretty decent hole, you sorta have to decide if you want to be real aggressive and take your shot to the right of a line of trees (and over the OB road) or just throw a low, hard shot at the trees and set up your second shot.  While we were there they had a bounty for a 2 on it, but I'm pretty sure nobody got it.  Your second shot will probably be pretty open, although if you just throw for the trees you might be next to or behind one (like I was a couple of times), which is cool.  Which is to say, you can avoid that risk by throwing to the right, but then you risk OB.  A nice decision to have to make.  Anyway, the basket's about 40 feet from a road that runs behind it, so even on your upshot you have to consider how aggressive you want to be.

Other nice holes?  Yeah, there are.  I'm going to list a few here, but really, even the ones I don't list are pretty nice.  There are only 2 or 3 that I don't like.  1's nice (although not quite good enough to make this--nevermind), 2's nice, a long diagonal shot across a canal.  I'm torn on 3, there's a fair amount of arbitrariness involved.  I like 6, a crush towards the canal, the basket's across it on the hill.  If you have a big arm you can make it across, otherwise you need to lay up.  There are two trees straddling the approach to the canal which keep you on your toes.  12 I don't like.  Not only is it, to a great extent, a throw and hope, but the preferred righty line takes you over the road where, if you're name's David and you ride around in an old Winnebago, you might just hit somebody's car.

Anyway, suffice to say I think this is an interesting course.

We had no problems finding our way around, except that when going from 5 to 6 you tend to go from 5 to 8 instead (does that make sense?), but if you pay attention it's not really a problem.  Also, it's a long walk from 10 to 11 and I don't remember if there are signs.  The tee pads didn't make an impression on me, so they must've been fine.  They are concrete, at least...  There are good bathrooms by hole, well, between 11, 12, and 1, so they're pretty centrally located.

There's lots of food on the main road into the park.  Uhmm, not too much undergrowth.  A few holes with palmettos and some woods, but in general it's a pretty nice park.  

There is water on several holes, a creek/stream/canal thingamabob and while if you throw into it you can probably get your disc out, it is possible to lose one in there.  We did see a snake enjoying the canal, so heads up.

I'm not sure if there's anywhere right there to buy discs.  There's a play it again sports down towards Turkey Lake (which is a fun little course, by the way).

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