Black Creek Park, Rochester, New York

Doug's tofu-esque feet say:
Sing a song? 6
Of sixpence, even 7

No link up there 'cause it's a temp course and there's nothing to link it to (or, nothing to which I can link it, if you like). Which is a shame, I liked it a lot, probably more than either permanent course in Rochester.  Oh, and I think this one's technically in Chili...  and I couldn't care less. Where's Chili? Near Rochester, of course.  Good enough.

Oh, I've gotta mention that holes 3 and 4 suck simply because the rough is SO, well, rough. Gack.   High points for me on this one...  coming within 2 feet of black-aceing hole 16 from 18's tee pad (I threw a brand-friggin-new max weight x-clone and it flipped like yesterday's pancakes, whatever that means, and went right over the basket)...  and for those of you not in the know, 18's about 500 feet (make that 513 according to my trusty, well used full color map) waaaay downhill. So much so, in fact, that I can reach it with a good throw (which is saying something).  Anyway, other highlights...  I spotted on hole 10 on thursday and realized how unappreciative most golfers seem to be.  Of the 54 that went by, I'd guess 15 or so thanked me (and several groups had more than one thanker, which means maybe half of the groups said anything).  Oh, and Buddy Pacette managed to bitch and moan on a spot I gave him... despite it being pretty much the best thing in the world I could've told him. Fan-freakin-tastic.

Other highlights?  Oh, yeah, a BIG one.  The spotter on 4 was there all day every day, apparently...  which makes him damn near a saint. The only thing wrong is he didn't tell me Moxy Fruvous was playing in town that night. *sigh*

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