Brent Hambrick Memorial, Columbus, Ohio

Doug's slowly fuzzying remembrances:
Knock, Knock? 6
Who's There? 6

I was a little disappointed with this one, actually.  The front is SO packed in that it bothered me, even for a rec course (I can't imagine playing a tournament there) and the back is homeboy central (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and overall I didn't love it (I sorta expected to).

But, that said, I certainly didn't hate it. The pro pads make it far, far tougher (especially on the back) and more interesting and I liked a lot of the holes.  Hook up with a local, if you can (we didn't until the last two holes).  Had we done so, I'm sure we would've impressed them with the number of ridiculous routes we could find.

And, for the 8-track, I liked the back more than the front...  tree farm and all.

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