Chickasabogue, Mobile, Alabama

Let's start here first.  I feel like Peter Jackon making the Lord of the Rings, filming 3 movies at once for release a year apart (each).  I just created 4 web pages, one for each of the Mobile courses I played at Southern Nationals.  Which means I'll probably run out of energy before I'm done and they'll get less and less readable with each one.  Heck, anyone that wants to play, if you can guess the order I wrote them in you win an as yet undecided prize.

There are no multi-shot holes here, it's a very, very short course.  If you are left handed or can throw forehand 250 feet, this course is for you.  Which means it should be made for me.  Except I didn't mention the one other requirement: you have to be able to throw a putter 200 feet straight.  I can't.

There aren't really any great holes here, to be honest, it's a very easy course which, while tight, isn't as tight as it appears.  It has much more forgiving rough than a lot of other woods courses.

Oh, this is sort of a fun little course, but it's not really very interesting and I doubt I'd like to play it over and over again.

I'm doing this from memory so I don't really remember what I'm supposed to put in each of these things (and I'm far too lazy to go look it up).  The tee pads are concrete and are fine.  I believe there are tee signs which are correct on each hole.  There are bathrooms in the field (there are 2 field holes next to each other in, coincidentally, the same field.  There are also bathrooms way to the left there, by the road).  

There's no water that I can remember, so if you lose a disc it will probably be because the hundred foot long banana spiders carried it away.

There are a couple of quickie marts on the exit from the interstate so you can stop for food there, if your greedy little soul so desires.

It costs something like a buck to get in the park.  Pay it.  Support your courses.

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