Chickasaw, Mobile, Alabama

This was a surprisingly fun little course (although remember the phrase little course, it should be well connected with this one in your mind.

There are no multi shot holes, there are no real thinking holes, but there are a few interesting throws.  In particular I like hole #4 which is reachable but takes a damn nice drive and most people probably shouldn't be trying to reach it.  If you do try and can't make it you may find yourself in trouble.  

Overall it's a forgettable course and probably shouldn't have been used for Southern Nationals, but if you find yourself in town and don't feel like playing a really tight course, this one will do for you.

There's a creek where you can lose discs, but it's not really that big (it had rained when I was there so it was probably deeper than it usuallyis).

Somebody found my red KC Eagle in that creek with my name and phone number on it and didn't return it to me or the lost and found.  Bastards.

Ahem.  Tee pads are grass and, as such, not great.  The baskets are a mix and match of homemade and mach 3's and discatchers and whatnot, all painted up red white and blue.  I believe there are tee signs with almost completely incorrect distances on them (440? Yeah, uh-huh). What else?  Bathrooms in the main building, I have no idea if that's usually open or not.

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