Chili, Rochester, New York

Doug's chocolate impaired feelings:
Challenge 5/10
Anti-boredom 5/10

It's not really called Chili, you know. I think it's actually Baker Disc Golf Farm IN Chili (not Rochester). But I called it Chili for a week and when I remember it it'll be as Chili and on and on so it's Chili.  (Which is chie-lie, not chilly)

This is my least favorite of the worlds courses, but it's NOT because of the mini-golf atmosphere. Did I mention that? The atmosphere? It's pretty neat. It's a very, hmmm, textural course. Apparently each hole's sponsored by a group or individual and they're responsible for it, so it's turned into sort of a competition.  So, the course looks cool and fun, but I just don't really like it.  It doesn't punish you for a bad shot, in lots of cases, because it's so open.  That'll gradually change as the trees grow and they move some of their tree farm trees (even replacing the fake christmas trees, maybe...) into the course and when it does, I'll probably like it a lot more than I do now.

This was, strangely enough, my best coures, scorewise, in Rochester... go figure.

Oh, forgot to mention the clubhouse, which rocks. The Chili club seems to be fantastic and they should be rolling in dough now that I've bought so many choco tacos from 'em.

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