Cottage Hill, Mobile, Alabama

The hill.  Cabbage Hill.  This was, amazingly enough, my favorite of the four mobile courses.  See, it was the only one that was hard at all (at least from the tee pads we played).  It's awfully tight, but if you can throw a putter straight you'll do ok.  

There are a couple of multi shot holes, I think, but in one or two cases they're not true multi shotters, but rather holes where the prudent golfer makes them so (which is cool, I'm all for strategic choices needing to be made).  I think this course is fair, with one exception.  That's the moderately long (350?) left to right hole just before the very short dead straight tunnel shot hole where, after making the curve there is a line of trees running across the fairway making it blind luck whether you get through it or not.

Aside from that I think every hole was fair.  Meaning it had a shot that a good golfer could hit consistenly.  Which doesn't mean you can reach the hole consistently on each one, but where's the fun in that anyway?

Overall I do think it is an interesting course and is worth playing.

The tee pads were concrete and pretty nice, there were 3 on most holes, 2 on the others.  Good tee signs, I think.  No bathrooms that I know of.  Lots and lots and lots of rough.

Uhmm, No water that I remember.

There's lots of food on the way in from the interstate.

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