Douglas Park, Springfield, Illinois

Abe says:
Honest? 2
Barefoot 5

This isn't the easiest course I've ever played.  

But that's only because I've played Horizon Park.

Too harsh?  Yes, probably.  They did a nice job without a ton of land, there are all sorts of elevation changes (which usually make a course for me), only problem is I drove (I think) 14 holes with my putter...  badly...  and still had putts on 'em.  But we lucked into playing it with a local, which (I repeat) I always love and it was a really nice day out in a pretty park with Chainstars (which I love).

The Lincoln thing in Springfield seems to be a bit over the top, I mean, surely there's been somebody since that's done something worthy. Ahh, yes, that Douglas fellow.  Just occurred to me that Lincoln debated Douglas, several times, over the relative merits of the X-Clone and the Viper. Lincoln was a Viper fellow, if I recall correctly.  What were they debating, anyway?  Which is to say, why?  For a senate seat? Senate seats weren't popularly elected back yonder (I'm pretty sure).  Hmmm.  Maybe it was one of those excuses, "Say, Mary, yeah, uhhh, I'm heading out to see the country and maybe find a town with a course that lets me actually throw my Viper, rather than dropping it gently on the ground."  Hmm, thinks Abe, maybe not.  He tries again, "Yeah, babe, howya doin'?  Hair's nice that way.  Anyway, I've got some things that just need saying and that Douglas guy's pissing me off so I'm gonna go debate him for a bit. Be back soon..."  You never know.

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