Earlewood Park, Columbia, South Carolina

Doug's homebrew-addled insights:
Mind warping intensity Well, no, not particularly. Call it a 5/10
Fiesta or Siesta? Hey, man, call the friends, call the family, call the hookers, and heck, give ol' Jerry Falwell a ring... 9/10

Feel the power...I've never thought it through, so I really don't know why, but this course is just a whole lot of fun. I think that my favorite tournaments these days (he says as if he's been playing for years and years) are the two at Earlewood. Which is not to say I have all sorta of fond memories of the way I've played, but heck, I even had fun (well, almost) turning a 2 into a 6 with some ugly putting this spring. Oh, and I have a picture of, well, never mind what it's of. When I get the scanner hooked back up I'll scan it and stick it here andyou'll be able to see it in all its glory, since I really don't feel like sticking a thousand words here...

This is Kathy Dammes picture, although she didn't throw the disc.  Somebody in our group (don't remember who) threw this drive on hole #1.

I still haven't scanned in that picture but I think I've decided why I like this course so much. And it's easy... simple.  Every time I play it it's either fall, with awesome weather, or spring, with awesome weather.  What could be nicer than walking around a park throwing a disc in 72 degrees?  What was that?  No heavy undergrowth? Great idea.  Oh, wait, already there (or, I should say, not there).  Unless you count the crud by the railroad tracks, which I don't because it's so amazingly easy to avoid.  What?  The stuff on 18?  Pshaw.  I'm more likely to ace that hole in the final round than to--what was that?  A free bike? Damn, I wish I'd've know.  

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