Edora Park, Fort Collins, Colorado

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Harshicity ?
Fundemonium ?

I have a much harder time remembering courses from a few years ago.  Not, I think, because it's been so long but just because I'm such a better player now that what seemed intimidating then is relaxing now and what seemed impossible then seems overly easy now.  

The day we played this one was not too long after the flood in the summer of '97, at least one of the baskets had been washed away, I believe, and the creek was big and nasty.  I think the first disc I ever lost was a shark on this course, I don't remember the hole except the creek went from left-near to right-away from you, with you (well, me) on the right bank and the basket on the left. I'm sure that clears everything right up, eh?

Is this the course with the skating rink right next to it?  Yikes, ok, maybe it is just the memory going...

Fort Collins was cool, though, mainly because Todd's uncle lives there and is a damn good host.  If you find yourself there, just start knocking on doors and asking for "Todd's Uncle" and I'm sure you'll run into him in no time.

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