Ellison Park, Rochester, New York

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Sometimes I wonder if you can tell which course each page is descended from. Which is to say, each of these enthralling pages (course pages, at least) was originally cut and pasted from one of its elder brethren to save me the hours and hours necessary to bake, from scratch, the web-artistry you see before you now. Sometimes, you see, I don't change the words in the table up yonder... *gasp* This one is Burns Park's brother. Which is not particularly fitting, mind you, these two are definitely not twins, even of the fraternal variety (and what's that mean, anyway, "fraternal"? I mean of course they're fraternal, they're brothers).

But I digress.

This course clearly had years of Wills Park style tee pads, deep holes into which you lower yourself to throw your shot. They tried to spritz 'em up for the tournament and mainly succeeded, I think (at least after the second day). It's the best permanent course in Rochester, indeed, the best I've seen in New York. I didn't like it quite as much as other people seemed to, though. Not sure why. There is a kick-heinie deli just down the street, though, with this really cute girl working there (although I seriously doubt the girl that I thought was really cute is the one you're thinking of if you were there during worlds). How can you go wrong, I ask?

There'll probably be a picture or two here, eventually. Ryan took several shots of me missing putts and shanking drives, opportunistic photographer that he is.

Did you know that getting hot and sour soup in your eye hurts?

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