Fishburn Park, Roanoke, Virginia

Doug's Star City Memories:
Mountain Death? Not at all., 2/10
Mountain Love Tough to say. When in doubt, go prime. 3/10

I played this course exactly once in my life.  Odd, considering I went to school just a few miles down the road.  The one time I did play it I was going to the airport to fly out to Seattle for a job interview.  An odd trip that included a visit to my (early) childhood home, a rugby game with Reed College's B-Side against U-Dub, a lousy visit with Sara on my layover in Atlanta on the way back home and a scrumdelicioso lunch at... the Kroger deli.  

In fact, my strongest memory of the course is when Mollie and I (I was going to write, "Me and Mollie" but a quick stroll through the mental grammar archives led to the change) went down there and read from The Education of H*y*m*a*n K*a*p*l*a*n, a genuinely bizarre book about something or other, and hung around on the playground.  We didn't play any golf but I do remember being barefoot and stepping on some really tremendously sharp plant products.  Important safety tip, wear shoes at this place.  (Now I can see you, my loyal reader, envisioning a park with old razor blades and hypodermic needles lining the fairways...  which is exactly right)

So I'm there before the flight and throwing and not having a particularly good time because I didn't used to enjoy playing by myself (but I do, now... not sure what that says about me).  It's a really short course with a nice little creek running through it.   One other time I was going to play it but couldn't remember where it was.  Alas...

If you do find yourself in Roanoke and have some time for yourself, I highly recommend heading down to exit 118 and taking US 460 west past Virginia Tech (apparently when the school was renaming itself from VPI to VPI&SU they were trying to find a good name because they didn't want to be known as Virginia Tech so some professor came up with words whose initials were EIEIO (what, Eastern Institute for Engineering Involvement and Occupations? I have no idea)...  which would be funnier if I knew what the letters stand for, but hey...) and drive until you see a side road that looks interesting, then head up it.  Some really beautiful places.  Butt Mountain Tower rocks, it's not too far from Mountain Lake which is where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  But I digress.

So, that's that.  

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