Genesee Valley Park, Rochester, New York

Doug's love-addled fungi:
Zee Challenge: 6/10
Zee Fun: 8/10

I'm not sure how to spell it, the websites don't agree and my worlds info's in the car, but that looks pretty close to me. This was my favorite of the worlds courses, mainly because I liked the park so much that a course would've had to really blow chunks for me not to like it.

My only criticism is that there are places where a pretty good shot can be the tiniest bit off and catch a tree and go ob (well, too many places, that is)...  

Ryan aced hole #1... a skip ace (the first time I typed that it came out as, "as kip ace"... sorta like he was playing under an assumed name). Why is it that people tend to specify skip ace?  I mean, an ace by any other name, and all that.  Sheesh.  Sometimes it sounds like a skip ace isn't nearly as worthwhile as a, what, an air ace? An arborial ace? A roller ace?  An end to discrimination, I say!

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