Haikey Creek Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Doug's off the cuff opinions:
Difficulty Ehh... not too much. Maybe a 3/10
Entertainment Hey, we had a beautiful girl with us, how could it not be fun? (But w/o girl probably a 4/10)

A flat course that uses the trees well... we played this course with our friend Lauren (her first time playing... she used a 169 Stratus [we were a bit short on light plastic] and did very well, breaking 100. Uhmm, barely) so I took a really casual mindset into it (except after missing that 15 footer... agh. Must. Not. Destroy. Putters.) and enjoyed it a lot. Certainly not the toughest course you'll ever find, but you won't regret the time (so it's not, say, as bad as watching, oh, I dunno, Armageddon or Black Dog...).

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