Hampton Park, Charleston, South Carolina

Doug's crackpot viewpoints:
Colors on the street? 6
Red, White, and Blue? 8

A temp course in a very pretty park right next to the Citadel,  there was some talk of putting a smaller version in as a permanent course, but I have a hard time believing that simply because the park is so nice that's it's popular and with a popular park you have plenty of pedestrians.  It reminds me a little of Genesee Valley in Rochester, except not quite as scenic.  

The course itself is fun but not particularly challenging.  There are some a couple of tough pars (#3 is in the 600 foot neighborhood, I believe, with OB on the left and enough trees to get in your way, and #15 is in the high 400's uphill and reasonably tight for the first couple hundred feet) but for the most part every hole is birdie-able.  The last three holes are across a pond/fountain and, while all birdie holes, can bite you if you're not careful.  

I'd love to see this course go in permanently (and I'd love to see a course like this in Atlanta), but I wouldn't call it a world-class place to play.

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