Horizons Park, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Tonight must be old home night, I just wrote the description for Reedy Creek, which was my first out of Georgia course, and now I'm writing Horizons, which was my first PDGA tournament.  I don't remember very much of it, just that I went up because my sister was at Wake Forest for summer term and I'd just played my first tournament at the Georgia Games and was all geared up.   That was the weekend that the US lost to Iran in the World Cup, I left the awards ceremony early to catch the game (thus starting a long tradition that holds to this day, I hate awards ceremonies, even on those rare occasions that I win something).  Anyway, I remember Dave Jolly because we played a couple of rounds together and I remember Billy Crump because he was in my first round group and had just learned to throw a thumber (and was throwing it on pretty much every hole) and, well, I remember not shooting terribly well (-4, -4, -8, -6 in case you're wondering...  and no, I have no idea how I remember that).  That's about it.

Oh, and the course.  An odd little course, one of the stranger ones I've seen.  Which is to say, it's an old course and it shows.  The tournament layout I played was a bit different, they tried to add some distance, but it wasn't without charm to me at the time.  If you ignore the distance on the holes, most of them are pretty interesting.  Problem is it's awfully hard to ignore because so many shots are of the "lousy drive but still putting" sort.

There aren't any multi shot holes and there aren't any other really good holes, but for some reason it's in my mind as not sucking.  Maybe it's because it's so short I don't even think of it as a course so much as a fun little putt-putt type of thing.  I dunno.  Maybe it's because it was so nice when I was there playing, it certainly is a pretty park.

I had some problems finding my way around, but I'm almost positive that it was because the course was in temporary-tournament-redesign mode and that normally it wouldn't be any problem whatsoever.  I'm almost positive the tee pads were concrete, but I didn't notice them in the pictures below.   I believe there were bathrooms a little bit away from the course.

No food, nowhere to lose a disc, no crud anywhere to speak of.  I have no idea where to buy a disc in the area.

There is a course webpage at http://www.wfu.edu/~russ/horizons.html with some nice pictures and descriptions of each hole.

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