Hornets Nest, Charlotte, North Carolina

What I think:
Difficulty 7/10
Fun 8/10

Oh, yeah, Hornets Nest. This course is not too far from a barbeque place I used to stop at on my way from Atlanta to school in Virginia, which means great vibes. Which is a good start...

The first time we played it was just before the Carolinas Open (excuse me, SubStation II Carolinas Open, might as well get some bang for their buck, eh?) and we pulled in to the parking lot and, good luck of good lucks, ran into Paul Crump, a local willing to show us the course . Now, I love playing a course for the first time with a local, and we hit the jackpot with Paul... not only was he a nice guy, but he had a cooler of ice in his car.

But I digress. I love this course, it's one of my favorites. The open holes are great, the tight holes are (for the most part) great. If you're in Charlotte, play this one (although I'm pretty excited about Renaissance Park, which I've not yet played.).

Oh, and when you're on the tee pad for hole one, imagine Greg(g) (hey, you don't know him, don't sweat it... that's what imagine means, eh?), a lefty, standing there... missing the mando... and going OB.

Booga booga.

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