Hudson Mills, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Just got done playing this one again so I have a much clearer memory of it.

There aren't any real multi-shot holes that I can think of, although there are some holes that are hard to reach.  There are a good number of interesting holes, but nothing that really stands out as being fantastic. There are about 9 holes or so in the woods and they're not too bad.  Some of the open holes are pretty boring, though, just step up and throw with no intresting routes or consequences if you do something bad.

I'm really not sure if I think this is an interesting course or not, to be honest.  It's definitely a great rec course, well kept and well marked with great facilities.  I don't think it's a great tournament course, though.

It's an easy course to find your way around, with good tee pads and tee signs.  There are bathrooms in the main building, as well as a snack bar and disc sales/rentals.  There's a swampy area where you might lose a disc, as well as a creek or two which are too small to eat one.  There's some undergrowth on the woods holes, but it's not too bad anywhere.

The sign said long haired freaky people find this course
Challenging Sure. Why not?  (7)
Fun Sure, Why not?  (7)

I have a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. Don't ask why. This week it has two naked chicks on the cover, along with David Spade wearing some sort of mastadon pants, which makes it one of the less sexually themed covers of the past year.  Luckily for me it has that trademark stench from, presumably, the thousands of perfume ads which lurk inside, between the who's who and what's what that adorn this people magazine of rock and roll.

Thing is, in my mind Rolling Stone's still this powerfully intelligent thing that publishes really great stuff and makes you think that maybe there is something good being churned out in America these days...  but it's not.  It's gone to crap, the occasional piece by Hunter Thompson or PJ O'Rourke aside. The point is, I really tremendously dislike this perfumed monster that flings itself into my mailbox once a week.  

Lucky for me, I feel none of those things about Hudson Mills.  I enjoyed the course, although I was a bit disappointed that we played the regular course instead of the monster (the guy we played with said we were playing the moster...). I've gotta say, though, that after we were done and saw the sign that said, "Monster Course" I was a bit relieved 'cause, well, after all, if we'd just played the monster then the regular was really going to be a bit short.

I'm not sure what I really think of it, we only played it once and didn't do very well. The long tees are definitely better than the short ones, but where aren't they? It seemed very well groomed and thought out (is it wrong to praise the groundskeeping before the design?) and you could do worse than to go play it.

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