Hunter Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma

This course blows chunks.  Well, I actually have no idea how the course plays because we couldn't find it.  We stopped by a couple days after the KCWide Open to play it, see the nice, new Mach-III's (although to be honest I don't understand why anyone buys Mach-III's anymore.  If you want a great catching basket, the Chainstar and Mach-V's are clearly better (and cheaper!), if you really want that number plate for easy finding (which, by the way, was obviously not a concern in this case) get a Discatcher with inner chains.  It might very well be the best catching basket of them all, it's $70 cheaper, and it's easy as all get-out to see. But I digress) and a nice looking park, and are all geared up.  Our enthusiasm lasted approximately two minutes.

Try to find a tee-pad.  I dare you.  Go ahead, get your compass and binoculars, your 7.5' maps of the area, your GPS system and your satellite camera.  I defy you to find your way around this course.  We found our way to tee #1, couldn't find a bulletin board or anything with a map.  No problem, we found the completely-unmarked-except-for-the-worn-area-in-the-grass tee pad for hole one and threw it (boring as hell, incidentally, but it was probably the high point of our round).  Ok, off to tee #2.  Uhmm.  Yeah.  Somewhere.  So we look and, with our not-inconsiderable (if not quite Hosfeldian) experience at playing poorly marked courses, find a likely tee for hole 2.  Yup, sure found it.  We found it and stood on it, looking fruitlessly for a basket.  Anywhere.  Or any likely looking tree to throw at instead.  Zip.  We decide to throw at the one off in the distance (turned out to be #7's).   I shank mine off to the right, which was lucky because when I went to find my disc I found #2's basket.  After throwing my up shot to #7.  Which was across a deep creek.  Disgusted, I left my disc on 7 and we moved on to hole #3 (which Todd had stumbled across while looking for his disc, which he had shanked left.  We complement each other nicely, huh?).  Miracle of miracles we were able to play it with no problems, a nice enough little putter shot.  Ok.  On to #4.  Theoretically.

What actually happened was that we couldn't find it, got disgusted, threw a few shots towards a basket near our truck, drove to get my disc from near #7's basket (I hit my putt, incidentally), and went the hell home.

I see on the message board that as long ago as MARCH people said the tees were poorly marked.  Great work, Oklahoma guys.  Well done.

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