Kensington Toboggan, Detroit, Michigan

This was my favorite of the 2000 World Championship courses. The word I get is that the tunnel course will be coming out and this one will be going in permanently, which is a helluva good trade, even if this one probably won't be playable in the winter. This was created as a temporary course for the world championships and is built on a series of sled runs so it's pretty hilly.  There are 4 legitimate multiple shot holes (1, 4, 5, 8 (?)), all of which I really like. They're holes that reward long accurate throws but punish long wild shots, which is great.  Of the other holes, I'd say, hell, I think I like them all. They're not all amazing, but they're all interesting and fair.

Overall this was my favorite course at Worlds and is definitely worth playing if you get the chance.

We didn't have any problems finding our way around, they had some nice "Next Tee" signs up and there were good tee signs up, but I'm sure if the course ever does go in as a permenant they will be different.  The tee pads were those rubber things and they were AWESOME, they were a billion times better than just playing turf tees would've been.  If you're going to be running a temp event, definitely go find some of these (you can get them from Reese Swinea at Fly-18, but I'm not sure if they have a website so I haven't linked to it [and I can't go look for it because I'm currently in the truck cruising down I-75 in Tennessee, coming home from Ann Arbor]).  There were no bathrooms that I know of (although they had porta-johns for worlds) but there might've been up at the top of the hill, I never looked.  In any case, there are plenty of woods.

There's no food there and little undergrowth.  There's no water that I remember, so if you want to lose a disc it'll have to be in the bushes.  I'm not sure where to get discs in the area, I don't know if the park sells them (although I'd be a little bit surprised if they didn't).

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