Lenora Park, Atlanta, Georgia

This course has the image of being really open and really long, I think.  It is yawn-inducingly open, but really isn't that long.  There are only three holes that are really tough to reach, and those are reachable by a lot of pros.  There aren't any holes that are true multi-shot holes, if you can't reach it on the drive then you have a wide open upshot.   There also aren't any holes that are really very good, they're all pretty much the same.  You throw your drive, if you shank it you have a wide open upshot for your 3, if you hit your drive then you have to make your putt in the wind.

And, if you couldn't tell from that first paragraph, it's not a particularly interesting course on its own, although it's a very pretty park and there's a jogging trail around the edge so you can stare at the girls in spandex/guys in gym shorts to liven up your pleasant-walk-but-dull-golf afternoon.

There's no problem finding your way around the course, it's usually pretty clear and, where there's more than one hole to choose from, check the signs...  they're all there and all correct.  The tee pads are concrete and pretty good.  The bathrooms are good, but they're a couple hundred yards from the course in the concessions building, so plan ahead.

No food right there, and absolutely zero undergrowth.  There's some water, but you have to work to lose a disc in it.

They rent and sell discs in the park office.

Doug's Whitmanesque Thoughts:
Is it hard? Well, uhmm, no, not particularly. 3/10
Is it fun? 4/10

What you have in lenora is a course that just doesn't punish you for making a bad shot.  Wide open and not tremendously long it leaves lots of birdie chances, so step up and rip it.  Whoops, did you pull that 45 degrees off line?  Not a problem, hit your wide open upshot, take your par and move on to the next hole.  Where's the fun in that?

That's the downside.  The upside is that it's a really pretty park, seems to be well maintained, has a plethora of beautiful women on the walking track,  and there is a certain enjoyment to crushing a bunch of drives without worrying about the consequences.  Oh, and it's only 15 minutes away from Uncle Bud's all you can eat catfish.  So there you go, eh?

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