Meriwether Disc Golf Farm, Hogansville, GA

Doug's Rollins-esque thoughts:
Is it hard? 7
Is it fun? 7

Ok, let's see.  No multi shot holes, although there are some that are hard to reach.  There aren't any really standout holes, either.  

Overall it's well worth playing, most of the holes are interesting and there are some fun throws.

It's easy to find your way around the course, the only places where you might not be sure just look for the signs, they're there.  The tee pads rule.  Bigger (and cleaner) than my apartment, these are the tee pads to end all tee pads.  There aren't any bathrooms out there (although sometimes there's a port-o-john), but again, plenty of woods.  

There's a quickie mart half a mile away and fast food just a big further, you can't miss it if you come from I-85.

Lots of undergrowth, but it's avoidable if you're throwing well.  Still, expect to be throwing at least once or twice from somewhere uncomfortable.  There's no water on the course, although the ants might carry your disc off if you're not careful.

Cousin Larry sells discs and drinks and suchlike from his front porch near the basket of hole 3.  Playing costs three bucks, drop it in the slot by hole 4's tee pad.

I can't wait for the day that I can say this course sucks.  Right now, it's probably the best in Georgia, right there with Redan.  I've got to say, that's not all that great.  I really enjoy this course if it's not the middle of the summer and the grass has been cut, it's fun.  Besides, Larry's a nice guy (even if his chili sucks rocks).  

The thing is, it's just an easy course (like almost every other course in the world), there are maybe 2 holes that I can't birdie and maybe 2 more that would be pretty tough for me.  That leaves 14 holes I expect to get (obviously I don't get them all, mainly because I'm not any good).   Courses just need to be more challenging than that.

But if you're looking for golf in atlanta, you could do far worse than drop down I-85 a bit and play this one.  It's three bucks a day, which is a serious bargain.

Oh, yeah, the tee pads (or as Lauren might say, the launching pads) rock.

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