Morningside Park, Knoxville, Tennessee

Lucille says:
Is it hard? No.  1.
Is it fun? No.  1.

I'm writing this one because I have just enough energy for one little burst of prose and noticed that I'd given it a pair of ones in the big list, which I thought was niftily cold hearted.  What if this is your favorite park?  Would you care that I called it crap?  Who was it that was talking about records and said that every album he made was somebody's favorite and somebody's most hated?  Or was it comic books?  Does it matter?  What about a record with readings of comic books on it?  How many words does it take to describe a hand drawn picture?  I mean, does it get the full thousand or is it more like 265?  Tough to say without trying it but I'm quite sure I don't have that much energy.  

Ooh, a Townes Van Zandt song just came on, The Hole.  Cool. I also just remembered that Moxy Fruvous are on Conan O'Brien tonight.  What time is Conan on?  I want to watch it but am recording a rugby world cup game right now.  Agh, I'm torn.  

So, The Hole.  A fitting song for this course?  No, not really.  We just played it once before moving on to Farragut and met up with some locals and sort of hurried through it.  We've never considered going back but now thinking back through the course (what little I can remember) I have the feeling I'm being too harsh.  Hmmm.

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