Mt Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio

Doug's Neo-Dylanesque Thoughts:
Is it hard? Compared to the average course these days, very definitely. 8/10
Is it fun? 9/10.  Does that answer your questions?

My favorite course. Probably. Well, one of 'em.  You see, I've played it twice (56 and 65, in case you were wondering) and feel little tinglings at heart telling me my life would be all the richer were I able to play it more.  Perhaps a move to Cincy's in order...

You know, if I moved there I could also eat at Skyline Chili every once in a while, which is a good thing (that was our pre-match meal on the way back from Rochester and I blame my skyrocketing scores on it)...

I feel a need to explain why I didn't give it 10's on both up there. You see, I think that disc golf courses in general are pretty awful right now. They're all pitch and putts and to some extent this coures is, as well. It's just that the pitching is a bit more difficult than most. I have a feeling that in twenty years most courses that we play today will be considered vewy, vewy easy.

I'll be putting some pictures up, well, sometime in the very distant future after I've actually taken some.

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