Municipal (Langham) Park, Mobile, Alabama


At least from the concrete pads, which we played.


The long (blue?) pads are better, although they're not concrete.


There's one multi shot hole (although Ben Gurthie almost deuced it, then I almost deuced it, both would've been considered field aces).

(A true yawner)

No other holes stand out for me, although from the long pads there are a couple that are pretty interesting.  Unfortunately the course numbering situation is so whacked out that I have no idea what numbers any of the holes are (well, almost).

(Don't waste your time)

Some water where you can lose your disc, although that's more of a concern from the blues.  No real rough to worry about.  The tee pads are ok, although the blues are dirt so if it's been raining watch out.  The tee signs are all wrong, good luck finding your way around. (Well, it's not that hard, but there are some places where you might wonder)

(Unless you're playing the blue tees, that is)

There's a quickie mart on the way into the course.

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