Oak Grove Park, Pasadena, California
[Review by Mike "Worm" Young]

Oak Grove was, for the most part, a short course with 3 long (meaning 2-shot) holes.  During the Wintertime Open a few pins were moved between rounds, but for the most part the pin placements were the same throughout the tournament.  

There isn't much left of the original course (Oak Grove was the first disc golf course ever with permanent pole holes), you could tell there had been a lot of changes and movement of holes during the last quarter century, but for the most part it was still interesting.  Cam said the course itself was cultural.

There were 9 extra holes used for the tournament, they were put in on the backside of the course. The setting was like you were in Texas all of a sudden, except for the beautiful mountain scenery. There were 27 holes in all and I personally thought there was a lot of skill needed to be able to score well.  There were some sweet shots, but on some holes there was just not enough open room around the basket to putt.  Ball golfers don't have to deal with trees on their putting green, we should start looking at having at least a 15 to 20 foot radius from the pole and all the way around the basket.  Lots of danger on the course with O.B.'s also, but the most talked about hole was number 15.  

On hole 15 the basket is straight in front of you about 275 feet.  Straight shot, simple, right?  Wrong. There were two trees to your right about 155 feet down the fairway that were mandos. They were almost in line with each other so you had to basically putt your tee shot and then throw left of the first tree and right of the second to lay up and get your three.  Wow!! Everyone had something to say about hole 15 and it just so happened that the tournament ended on that hole.  

One of the best holes of the tournament was hole 19. 285 feet across a canyon with O.B. caution flags lining the front of the green. This hole was a very nice example of a birdie/bogie hole. Better get your groove on at the grove.

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