Prairie View Park, Olathe, Kansas

Doug's Gator Bowl Bound Thoughts:
Is it hard? Well, no, not particularly.  4/10
Is it fun? Sure, I guess. It'll be a lot better in ten years when the trees grow up some.  Call it a 5.

This is another one of those courses that I don't call by its real name, preferring instead the stark beauty of, "Olathe"... or something.   You know, before I played it I expected it to be pretty awful, just a big field with some baskets and tee pads strewn around (which is what the grapevine was bringing in), but I was pleasantly surprised.  It is by no stretch of the imagination a great course, but it'll do for an afternoon of golf if the rest of the city's courses are under viral infection warnings.

I do feel the need to say that I got a 6 on the course's easiest hole, the 180 footer coming out of the soccer field. *sigh*

Some of these don't quite have the same rambling quality as the others, eh? Maybe I should put a warning on the course list, sorta like:

State City Course  Challenge Fun
Michigan Ann Arbor Hudson Mills -- WARNING: Doug rambles! 7 7

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