Oregon Park, Atlanta, Georgia

The fabled Oregon Park...  I remember the first time I tried to find this place.  Me and Robert piled into the car and headed out with the directions that it was on GA-120 and just past a Kroger.  Well, we went by three different Krogers and looked all around each of 'em before giving up.  Turns out it's next to the fourth.

There aren't any multi-shot holes and there aren't any really good holes.   It's a 9 basket course with two tee pads for each basket, most of the pads are sufficiently different to make it play almost like an 18 hole course (let's say it plays more like 15, but hey...).  It's an inoffensive little course, sort of relaxing in a non-challenging sort of way.  This is the course I once played toting around a custard pie.  Was pretty tasty for a while, then I started feeling a little sick.  Alas.

Anyway, no, it's really not a terribly interesting course.  If you're around, stop by, play a couple rounds, go catch the dairy queen.  There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

It's a reasonably easy course to find your way around, even though there aren't any signs.  The tee pads are dirt and a little bit sunken but, overally, useable.  If there are bathrooms around, I don't know where they are.  The little pipe which feeds the stream by hole #1 is drinkable water.

As for food, there's a Dairy Queen and a Kroger that you'll pass if you're coming west on 120.  

There's not really any undergrowth on the course.  On two of the holes you can shank one into the woods and there's a big bush that comes into play on two more, but it's mostly a very pleasant park.  There's a creek that runs through part of the course, but nowhere to lose a disc in the water.

The only place I know of to buy discs is the parking lot.  I believe Greg Campbell is out there sometimes, as is David Hirsch. 

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