Pendleton-King Park, Augusta, Georgia

Doug's Pecan-Addled Muddlings:
Is it hard? No.  Well, a bit. 6
Is it fun? I liked it, 7

I just played this course this weekend, so it's fresh in my mind (ooooohhhh).  The only multi shot hole is #10, and it's a pretty good one.  You have a few choices on the drive, which is a pretty tight throw.  There's a flat shot that hyzers out, there's a low, hard lefty hyzer, and lots of people throw rollers.  I prefer to be off to the left, but my main goal is not to be off to the right, there's nastiness there.  There's also OB past the basket that can get you if you're not careful.  

10's probably tbe best hole on the course, but I also like #15 a lot.  You're teeing off over a fenced off lake with an emu and some sort of duck-like animals, but that doesn't really come into play.  The basket's on a hill slightly to the left.  There's a big hyzer route that most people can't reach, but if you can it's the safest way to a birdie. If you can't, you have to decide between the flat, hard shot right at the basket and taking the more open lines to the right.  If you go right at it you have a reasonably small window, but if you hit it you have a great shot a birdie.  If you throw your disc more to the right, the windows are bigger but you're less likely to have a birdie putt.  Nice choices.  Oh, and if you do go straight at it and catch the tree, it'll drop you in bounds but at the bottom of the hill, making the upshot a little bit tough.

This is definitely an interesting course, but best played during the week and in the morning because it's a popular park with many kids and unaware park-goers.  It's a pretty park, especially holes 6 and 7.

There are bathrooms by hole #1. 

No food right by the course, but I believe there's plenty nearby if you ask somewhere where to go.

There's not really any undergrowth, except on #10.

The only place to lose a disc is inside the fence on #15.  I don't know of anywhere nearby to buy discs.

This is one of the courses on the list that didn't have a rating until now, it was just sitting there with a big ol' silly blank grin on its entry.  Main reason is I didn't remember it at all.  I'd played one round of doubles on it with Todd and Jam last year (being June of '98, I think) and remembered people everywhere and throwing a disc into the ducks and little else.  

I know it just fine, now.  I like it just fine, too.  In fact, I like it a bit more than those numbers suggest.  It's not very hard, I felt like I should birdie 15 of the holes every time (of course I didn't get near that, but that's the way it feels to me) and should get one of the missing 3 if there weren't banners hanging across my preferred route.  It's got trees in just about the right measure and is a lot of fun to play...  if there aren't families picknicking (I always thought that word looked funny spelled that way but my handy dictionary confirms it) all over the course, that is, which apparently is very rare.  

Avoid this course on weekends, especially.  Play Riverview instead.

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