Pulaski County Park, Nancy, Kentucky

It's better to burn out than to roll away...
Zis iz difficult? Not particularly, 4/10
Zis iz fun? Sure... 6/10

When we drove up to Worlds in Cincinnati in '98 we stopped here on the way and I shot a 6 under...  confident that I could easily bump that to an 8 or a 10 we returned to play the Lake Cumberland Open in '98 and I proceeded to shoot like a billion over (actually I think I was dead even par for the tourney, but it felt a lot like that billion thing).  So this year we go back again,  I no longer have anything resembling a putt and can't throw straight.  So guess what? Huh?  I shot 21 down for the tournament...  sheesh.

Well, no, actually, I didn't.  Had you there for a sec, though, you know with all that dashing and darting this way and that... actually I shot way over par although I'm not sure how way over I was.  I still like the course, though.

It's got all sorts of upsies and downsies with nice places for your disc to roll, it's got some reasonably tight shots (although they're short enough that, for the most part, you can botch your drive and still have an easy up or a long putt), it's got snakesies and hobbitses and--ahem, sorry.  Been listening to a reading of Lord of the Rings on tape.  Anyway, it's a fun course to play, a goodly number of left-to-right holes where I had a chance to use my hideous forehand and a couple holes where you can chunk it out there. What more can you ask for?

Oh.  I suppose lots of you would ask for beer, sorry, dry county.  And some of you might ask for another course to play...

...  which you now have. Check out the upper course which, as of yet, has no entry in the Big Bad Course Directory so I can't link to it.  You can go read what I have to say, though.  

Anytime, now.

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