Redan Park, Atlanta, Georgia


Ahh, redan. There's one real multi-shot hole, #15.  It has 4 pin placements, the short one on the right makes it not a multi-shot hole, but the other three (especially the two long ones) make you think on your drive.  There are a handful of ways to get where you're going and lots of punishment if you mess up on your way there.  Easily the best hole on the course, I think it's the best hole in Georgia.

As for other good holes, hmmm, it depends.  With everything long I do like some of them (#1 comes to mind) but for the most part they're on the interesting side of ordinary.

Overall it's a pretty interesting course (I guess a bunch of ordinary but not bad holes add up to a nice course), well worth playing.

The course is easy to find your way around, for the most part.  The tee pads are concrete but rather small.  One some of them there is a drop off of several inches from the end of the tee pad to the ground.  There aren't any bathrooms, but there are plenty of trees so you can just scurry off to the side and take care of business.  

No food right there, but there's plenty within a couple of miles either way on Covington highway.

And, finally, yeah, there's some undergrowth but it's not too bad most of the year unless you stray horribly from the path.  There's not really any water, a creek on 1 and 18 and a "creek" that's usually dry elsewhere, nowhere to lose a disc in the water.

I don't know of anywhere to buy discs near redan.

There have been problems with cars being broken into in the parking lot, so drive your cheap-o car and keep anything of value out of sight.

Doug's Wittman-esque Thoughts:
Is it hard? Moh says it's more quartz than diamond. 7/10
Is it fun? As long as your car doesn't get stolen...  8/10

Atlanta's best course, by any other name, would be as good.  Which is to say that, according to the PDGA course list it's called Rosewood-Dekalb... which is news to me.  But hey, let's get on with it.   

Yikes, I find myself pecking away here and saying nothing, nattering on about some ridiculous details of the course. If you want those, go play it, I don't give substance, here, just rumo(u)r.   I like the course much better when it's long, especially #15 (which I like in deep left or right and the "short" left placements, but really can't stand in the short right) and #2.  

Isn't it a pity when Irish girls grow up?

Random draw doubles Tuesday around 5:30.

Check out the ADGO's Redan page.

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