Reedy Creek Park, Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm pretty sure this is the first course I ever played outside of Georgia and when I saw it, I loved it.  I used to get to school by going 85->77->81 so it was easy enough to skip off and play Reedy Creek (little did I know that Hornets Nest was both more convenient to the interstate and a better course), which I did at every opportunity. I was there when Indianapolis almost completed that hail mary to beat Pittsburgh in the AFC championship (for instance...).  It was there that I gave 3 bottles of my first batch of homebrew to some guys I met in the parking lot, although I forgot to tell them that they shouldn't drink it out of the bottle so they probably got a mouthful of yeast for their troubles and think I brew horrible beer.  It was to there that a minivan-ful of us drove just before christmas one year to play in the almost-sleet, which was fun for about 12 holes.  Very cool.

Of course, I now realize this is a pitch-and-putt even in the world of disc golf courses as they exist today (which is to say, a short course among short courses), but it does have some character.  It's got some nice hills and a little bit of water, it's somehow tight without being too tight.

There aren't any multi-shot holes, and I wouldn't go so far as to say there are any great holes, although there are some good ones.  I'm honestly not sure if it's an interesting course to play or not (I think that, as of today's writing [June 24, 2000], the last time I played it would've been no later than mid-1996), but it drew me back quite a few times.  It's a huge, beautiful park and the course is in an almost disc golf only area (there's a soccer field back there, but it's not in the least in the way), which is very cool.

I never had a problem finding my way around, but if I recall there are two or three places where it's not 100% intuitive which way to go.  The tee pads are concrete and I have no idea if they're really small or not, I believe there are good tee signs.  There are good bathrooms about 100 yards from tee #1.

I don't think there's any food right by the course, but if you're coming from the interstate you'll pass a ton of it on your way.

There's some rough, but I don't remember it as being terribly thick.  Hmm, given how much I hate heavy rough, it really must not be too bad.  There's one hole with water on your left, but the time I threw into it I was able to get my disc out with no problems.  So you could lose a disc in the woods, but water's not a big issue.

I haven't the slightest idea of where to get a disc in the area, except possible S&P Kites which I'm almost positive is a lot closer to Kilbourne than Reedy Creek.

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