Renaissance Park, Charlotte, North Carolina

Allrighty, then.  I've finally played this course and now have things to say...

I didn't like it as much as I hoped I would, but I'm a huge fan of any course trying to get out of the par 3 rut, so I'm a huge fan of this one.  The biggest problem is just how rough the course is (and I believe there was a ton of work put into it just before the tournament, so it's not as rough as it was before).  As Billy Crump pointed out, the beautiful green golf course across the street is the same land, just with all sorts of money and work put into it.

There are a few multi-shot holes, but I haven't seen them all because the course we played was set short.  I think when long there are at least 4 of them.  I really can't say if any of the holes are great or not, I just don't have a good feel for it yet.  I think 13 would be my favorite if there weren't so much crud in and around it.

Overall, I do think it's an interesting course and is worth playing, but it is very rough so if you're going to instantly hate a course with lots of rough, don't bother.

I think it might be tough to find your way around but it's hard for me to say because they had those portable rubber tee pads out there, which pretty clearly indicate a tee area.  The pads are usually dirt and while there were some signs around pointing to the next tee, they were pretty small and might be missed.

There are bathrooms which I'm sure are very nice, but they were locked while we were there (which suggests they're always locked).  There was a big ol' port-a-john there but I don't know if it always is.

There's no food in the immediate vicinity.

Rough. Rough. Rough.  It's there.  This is a course where the key thing is to stay in the fairway.  Sacrifice that 50-75 feet of distance and keep it straight.  And while you're at it, wear long pants or you'll more than likely come out bloody.

Water?  No, not that I remember, but it's very easy to lose discs in the woods.  Again, I don't know where to get discs locally except for S&P Kites, which I think is near Kilbourne.

What I hope:
Difficulty Dunno... eh?
Fun Do you really excpect me to know if it's fun if I don't know if it's hard?

Hey, I dunno... I've never played it. It sounds so good to me, though, that I thought I'd put this little stub of a page here.

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