Lake Richard B. Russell State Park, Elberton, Georgia

Inside this house is:
Rough and Tumble? Can be...  6
Joyful and Lighthearted? Why not? 7

There are a couple holes that people have told me are multi-shot out here, but they really aren't.  The closest is 15 (and to an extent, 16) where you have to hit an uphill tunnel with your first shot and, if you get in there good, you have an easy upshot.  If you don't, it can be tough.

There are several holes that come real close to being good holes, but I don't think any of the quite make it (although I'm sure I could be convinced).  If you care which ones, they're written down below.

I can never quite figure it out, it's solidly in the sort-of-interesting category.  Nothing to really get excited about, but it's a fantastic park, absolutely beautiful, really quiet, great camping, a nice lake, and all that...  the course itself isn't bad, it's just not as good as it should be.

It's an easy course to find your way around.  The tee pads and signs are both pretty nice.  No bathrooms unless you drive a mile to the ranger station, where there is a nice one.

No food, except at the ranger station they have drinks and some ice cream and popsicles (very reasonably priced, I might add).

There's some undergrowth but except in the summer, if you're off the fairway, it's not a problem.  There's water on one hole that will grab your disc with a bad throw (and it won't give it back).

You can rent or buy discs at the ranger station.

The famous Richard Brussell State Park, home of the world renowned Sprout Trees, bane of children everywhere...

This one's the closest thing I have to a home course, these days.  It's really not very challenging, there are some good holes and some bad holes, but that's like most courses, I guess.  It's a nicely maintained course in a state park (in case you didn't pick that up from the large blue letters up there) with some rolling, grassy hills.  It's really a pretty course, way out away from everything it gets really quiet and, because of that, I play it more than I play Redan or Lenora or Wills.

As far as being a course worthy of travelling to, I have to give it a big thumbs up, mainly because camping by the lake is pretty cool.  

The course itself has some really poor holes (3, 14, 18 come to mind) and some pretty nice holes (I feel like I'm repeating myself here... go figure... and while you're figuring, 7, 8, 12, 15, and 16 come to mind), but no really excellent holes.  I get the feeling more could've been done with the land in some cases, but I sorta feel that way about most courses.

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