Riverview Park, North Augusta, South Carolina

Trees, trees, trees screaming:
Is it hard? Is Jell-O squishy?  Sometimes. 6
Is it fun? Is Yoo-Hoo nasty? Absolutely. 7

I have bad memories of this'un, now.   It's got a few open holes to go with a bunch of heavily wooded ones which really aren't particularly tight.  If you do get off the fairway, though, watch out for some big numbers.   

Several of the holes have new pin placements and, as such, the distances on the tee signs are wrong (which is quite obvious if you just look at the things).  I recommend a bag of gummy worms to keep your strength up as you move through the course and miss birdie opportunity after birdie opportunity (in case you didn't hear me the first three times, I'm Key West's Jessie James).

Has nice big tee pads, I didn't fall off-a-one.

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