Rosedale Park, Kansas City, Kansas

The more I play Rosedale, the more I like it (and I liked it quite a bit to start with).  Depending on pin placements there are a few of multi-shot holes (4, 17, 18) and scads of other good holes.  I like 11 a lot (and by naming one I guess I suggest that it's the only one worth mentioning, which just isn't the case).  I don't think there are any holes that I really don't like, even the birdie holes are interesting.  

Overall, the course is definitely worth playing, it's one of the better courses around (but it might not be the best in Kansas City, which makes KC a helluva place to visit).

It's an easy course to find your way around, the tee pads are a little bit narrow and there are a couple holes where you want to throw a different direction than the pad is facing, but overall they're not a problem.  There are bathrooms by hole 1 which work but aren't the world's cheeriest place to be.  Might I suggest a nice thicket, instead?

There's no food right there, but the course is only a mile from the interstate so it's not hard to find some if you really want to.  There's also stuff a couple miles in the other direction (right out of the park, left at the light, you'll see a McDonalds with other stuff on that road), I believe.

Crud isn't a problem if you stay near the fairways, but the course is up on a plateau and you can go off the edge, waaaaaay down (to Rosedale Down-Under, another 18 hole course (which I've never played)) to some serious nastiness.  That aside, it's a course you can play in shorts unless you're feeling wildly inaccurate that day.

No water to lose discs in, but if you do shank down the aforementioned hills they might very well be gone to stay.

I have no idea where to buy discs in the area.  Sorry.

Hot 7
Hot 7

It was not chilly while we were there.  

Is Rosedale really harder than Waterworks?  I had given the 'works a 6 for Hot(1) and this a 7...  I shot 13 shots better at Rosedale over 2 rounds than I did at Waterworks.  Which is odd, I think. And doesn't really address the question, since (in my mind, at least) difficulty's relationship with score is nowhere near linear.  But I thought about it and bumped WW up one.  Now I feel better.

Greg(g) didn't like it but I do.  Maybe we'll play it together sometime so I can try to convince him of its finer points.   I seem to be running out of energy, maybe it's time to go watch some soccer on my BRAND SPANKING NEW DIGITAL CABLE TV RECEIVER which means on my new channel, Fox Sports World, which we got for the sole reason of wanting to see the Rugby World Cup in October (which UGA Rugby didn't quite qualify for)...  but the bug bit me early so we have it now.

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