Sequoyah Park, Atlanta, Georgia

The subject of some debate whenever I'm around.  This is a course that a lot of work has gone into, that is great for disc golf, that I love everything about except the course itself.  It's just not very good.

There aren't any multi-shot holes and there aren't any really good holes.  This is a course where I can name a handful of holes that I really don't like and few (if any) that are almost good enough to be very good.  They tend to extreme shortness, they tend to treat a good shot almost the same as a bad shot.  Which is to say, you're almost as likely to get a good bounce from a bad shot as you are to get a bad bounce from a good shot.  

In general, I don't think it's a very interesting course (although there are definitely people who disagree with me on this).  It's tight, which is fine, I've played some tight course that I love.  It's just that there are several holes that I hate (1, 2, 7 [ohhh, especially 7], 8) and so few that I like (sort of 5, 13 long) that, well, no, I don't particularly think the course is very interesting.

There are a few places where it's a little tough to find your way around, the tee signs are small or nonexistant and there are a couple of leaps.  There is an excellent map on the ADGO's web site.  The tee pads are generally lousy.  They're dirt, a little bit worn in, and often very small and not flat.  I'm not a fan.

There are good bathrooms by tee #1.  I'm not sure if they're ever locked, they never have been for me.

There's a quickie mart very close to the park that you'll pass, I don't think there's really anything else right there.

Oh.  Yeah.  There's crud galore.  Bring your long pants and your machete.  And make sure to stay on the fairway.  There's a little lake on 16 that can steal your discs and plenty of woodsy places to lose 'em.

I'm not aware of anywhere near the course to buy discs.

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