Sioux Passage Park, St. Louis, Missouri

Doug's definitely not random but certainly not informed ratings:
Challenge 6/10 from long tees, 3/10 short
Just plain fun Say around a 6

Really a fantastically beautiful course, go play it.

There are three tees for each hole and the long ones are not simply longer, they're much better. Played short, the course is rather easy. Played long, it's got some good challenges. Todd hit is first ever ace here, on hole... well, I don't remember what hole. Something like #6. (Todd says to tell y'all that it was hole 4... in case you were wondering)  It was through a tree... why be conventional?

The back nine was a half mile or so from the front nine. I suppose this makes tournaments interesting... we only played the first 3 on the back as we were attacked by a really tremendously wet storm on hole 12. I swear the sky was crystal clear on 10... Anyway, I have no pictures and no serious commentary except to say the back is far more open than the front and that I really like hole 11 from the long position.

Well, we just got back from our big trip and played Sioux Passage again and, well... it didn't stand up terribly well to a second playing.  I really do like some of the holes but there seems to be a tremendous reliance on distance as the key difficulty, which gets old.  Todd did manage to lose two discs on one hole, though... on the back playing down to the basketball court (where they had a trailer parked and setup as a stage and were playing some pretty decent music) where they had the native garden type area... which was a small stretch of weeds and crud. I'm glad I didn't live on the frontier, it would've sucked having to look for discs in that sort of thing all the time...

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