Sooner Park, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Sonic's cherry-limeless-ade takes like:
Salty 2
Slimy 3

Dylan's on, now.  I just put in four CD's (Time Out of Mind,  Rugby Guitar,  Not So Soft,  Three Snakes and One Charm) and hit random.  Not only is it Dylan, it's Highlands,  all 16 minutes or so of it.  Apparently he wanted to put a 21 minute version on but Daniel Lanois said, "Let's CTP hole one at Sooner Park for it."  Well, Dylan threw this roc and caught a tree but Danny stepped up and forehanded an X-Clone right into the chains.  16 minute version it is.  

The real shame of the matter, of course, is that when they stopped at Sonic on the way back to Miami (want to know how much time I have on my hands? I actually dragged out the liner notes to find out where it was recorded...  shame I've never played a course there) and picked up a couple Route 44 cherry limeades there were neither cherries nor limes in the bottoms.  Tragic.

Which is one of the dangers you face in coming to Bartlesville.  There aren't many on the course, though, it's got nine holes and nine birdies (not all gimmes, but definitely all birdies). We played it with 9 people (let's see, mom, dad, Brett, Lynn, Dave, me, Todd, Lauren, Ginny, I think that's right), I was in the slow-going group and had a good time in my sandals, trying desperately not to drag my toes on the tee pads.

I did bag an ace here once, sorta. See, we stopped in on the way up to Caney and the Safari Park but it started raining as we got there. I snuck in a few warm up throws with Lauren from some tee pad to some basket (which turned out not to belong to that pad)... and sank a forehand Mr. X.  Sorta-aces rock.  

If you do make your way to Bartlesville, I do recommend the Silver Dollar Cafe (I'm pretty sure they don't have a web presence or I'd link to it)...  nothing like eating your weight in steak for seven bucks.

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