Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada
Review by Mike "Worm" Young

Well, another weekend has passed and another course goes under our belts.  As you know by now, we were in the city that never sleeps this week.  We played 3 rounds of 24 holes at the beautiful Sunset Park which consisted of 2 or 3 long holes that required 2 shots to get to the basket (unless you got off a really good drive).  The baskets we played on seemed to vary a lot from hole to hole, which made the tournament seem pretty unique.  

As for the other holes, there were only 2 holes which required a righty anhyzer shot.  The course did bring a pretty good bit of O.B. into play that did wreak havoc on a lot of players.  Going back now to the other 20 holes, they ranged anywhere from 280 to 370 feet and were fairly wide open, which played well for a lot of righty hyzers and straight shots.  I personally enjoyed playing Sunset Park because

Not affecting the play of the course a whole lot, but needing to be mentioned, were the gopher mounds everywhere which, if hit with plastic, were like little sand traps.

Oh yeah, one of the holes, #21, had 5 palm trees guarding the basket and had huge leaves that were shaped and acted like hands.

[The rest of this article, the non-course parts, can be read in the Flying Eye Pro Tour 2001 section]

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