Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri

Doug's embittered remembrances:
Difficulty With everything long, 7/10
(With everything short, much, much less)
Enjoyability With everything long, 7/10
(With everything short, well, it's well kept)

Swope is a course that I expected to love, was initially disappointed with, and no like quite a bit.  So...  there are a whole bunch of different pin placements and tee pads, and I'm sure what I'll say will be wrong for some configurations, but I'm going based on what we played at the KCWO and Am Worlds.

There aren't really any multi shot holes that we played, but there are some that come close.  I believe that #9 from the long pad and to the long basket is close (but no cigar), and I think #11 (the one across the road) has a pin placement that would make it one (but I'm not sure).  But really, no, nothing that fits my definition.

There are some pretty interesting holes, but nothing amazingly outstanding.  The holes are a little jumbled in my memory (which is to say, when I go through the course, I'm missing one of 'em somewhere) (ooh! no, found it, forgot #8 existed), but I like 3 when it's long, I like 11 when the pin's deep, I like 15 when the pin's deep.  Which is to say, the course is definitely interesting and worth playing.

It's not the world's easiest course to find your way around, at least it wasn't for us, just because of some tee-pad confusion (there are two humongous, monster tee pads in the middle of several holes), but since you're likely smarter than us you shouldn't have any problems.  The tee pads are fine, the monster ones are, well, friggin' huge.  There are bathrooms by the parking area and by hole 16, but they really suck. We'll be generous and call them "functional."  

No food to be found near the park entrance.  The park's pretty big, has a zoo with an IMAX theater (where we saw, what? Everest? No, I think we saw Wolves there, which wasn't as cool as Everest, which wasn't as cool as I expected)...  There is a cool little barbeque dive we found but, to be honest, I have no idea where it was and couldn't find it again if I tried.

No evil pricker bushes or anything on the course, except on hole 11 (err, the one across the road, just in case my numbers are still off) and then only if you shank your shot to the left.

They have a little pro shop there on the course, I'm not sure if it's open a lot or a little or always or never or what, but they have some discs and snacks there.

We played this once through before KCWO with Gavin, who sorta runs the place (it's always nice to get the inside scoop on a course), which was cool. It's a nice course, sorta tight with itself (that is, the holes aren't tight, they're just close together) which leads to a few mandos (which I hate, but in this case they're necessary).

It's in a huge park with all sorts of stuff to do... when we were driving in for the first time and saw all the dense woods I started to get worried that it was one of those courses hacked from the jungle. Uhmm. It's not.

Oh! The "new" hole, the one across the street, rocks when it's in the deep-deep position on the ledge. Well, or so I guess, we only got to play it in the deep (note single deep, here) one.

I like this course more now than I did then (and bumped the score a bit, which I know concerns you greatly)... maybe because I actually shot well there (in the round after worlds ended, of course). But probably not.

Know what? I minored in english in college (although I managed to avoid taking any grammar courses, as you may have guessed). I know damn well you're supposed to put two spaces after the end of a sentence... but html compresses all those spaces down to one unless you go way out of your way to make it keep 'em. Which I'm usually too lazy to do. But just go ahead and imagine those extra spaces if it makes you more comfortable.

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