Tombigbee State Park, Tupelo, Mississippi

Doug's poison ivied outlooks:
Difficulty In a word, no. Say, 2/10
Fun If you overlook the heat and the insects and the poison ivy it's a 4. If not, it's a 0.

This one' s a must-play. Ok, ok, that's mainly because there's a good catfish restaurant on the road into the park, but hey, you've gotta have your priorities straight. The course itself is fun, if ridiculously short. The poison ivy got me in '97 and during those long, itchy, isolated-on-the-trail-fifty-miles-from-any-caladryl nights I didn't reflect kindly on Tom.  In my old age, however, I have mellowed.  Avoiding the devil ivy this year helped me purge some of the hatred I had burning deep inside.  Bring your putters and enjoy all those ace runs. And don't miss the catfish (but feel free to miss Elvis' birthplace... we did. Thank goodness.)

(Some people may object to me calling it easy because there are some tight holes, it's just that they're SO SHORT that if you totally blow your drive, you've almost certainly still got some sort of putt)

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