Veterans Memorial Park, Sylmar, California

We were staying with a friend of my dad's and they wanted to play some frisbee golf, so we headed to the course directory and Larry said this was the closest course, so Veterans it was.  After a brief detour to the wrong golf course, we found the right park.

We had to wait to tee off on this one, too, but that's always good (someday it might be bad, but at this point I'm so encouraged by seeing people out playing that I can live with it...  besides, it's nice to have someone to follow on an unfamiliar course).  It's a dusty, rocky course (which is apparently Steve and Bamba Rico's home course, or at least their names are in the tee pads on #18) that reminds me, in spirit, of Wills Park.

It's got one multi shot hole that I can think of, but it's only in the loosest sense of the word.  None of the holes were really terrible, but I had a few design problems with it.  I didn't think any of the holes were great, but most of them were just fine.  Overall it's probably a course worth playing, I'd like another shot at it.

There are concrete tee pads on every hole, although on one you tee from a path and there were one or two that were uphill (which I don't deal with very well).  I'm pretty sure there were bathrooms on the course, but I didn't go in so I don't have the real scoop on the situation.  I don't remember any food right there, but there might've been a quickie mart right down the street.

I don't remember any water on the course, and there's really nowhere to lose a disc.  There used to be signs, but they're destroyed.  Somebody did a reasonably good job of marking things in orange spray paint, though, so we didn't have too many problems getting around (although we did have to ask once or twice).  

We got discs at a Sport Chalet, who had a good selection of discs as long as you wanted a cheetah or a gazelle, but they did have some 150 discs and they did have Innova's 3-pack things with a putter, shark, and cheetah (all 150), so that was nice.  (And to be fair, they did have an aviar putter, a few Polaris LS, and some of those innova sport discs which are thumtrac birdies at like 120 grams, we got one of those for my mom and it worked great...  oh, and the discs were only $7, which was good)

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