Vista Del Camino Park, Scottsdale, Arizona
Review by Cameron Todd

Del Camino is a sweet piece of property, water between 18 holes and 10 temp holes.   There were lots of birdies out there, but with wind there can also be lots of bogeys.  A path runs through the course with loads of roller-bladers, skaters, and bicyclers.  Hope we got some of them interested in the game.    All around the course was an embankment, the inner holes played around the water while the outer holes played clockwise to the right of the hill's edge, making the shots love righty rollers (especially with the bank) or lefty air shots, but things were tough for lefty rollers or righty air shots.  

Along with the water in the park comes an officer to dish out tickets for being in that water.  As a matter of fact, we witnessed a guy briefly stepping in the water and receiving a $90 ticket for doing so.  I guess they really want to keep those ponds clean.

Anyway, the cousre was nice but I saw room for a few different beautiful, challenging holes. One cool thing about the course was that there was a sports bar and grill on hole 12.  Shank to the right off the fairway and you threw inside of Duke's patio.  We only at there 8 times.

What really fascinated me was the skate park right next door, a sport that, except for a few injuries, might've kept me from disc golf.  So I miss skateboarding but not the injuries.

Oh, I forgot to mention the two massage parlors right next to Duke's... what a location!

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