Waterworks, Kansas City, MO

Doug's "I can't believe I lost to Todd" ratings:
Difficulty Tough to say. Let's go with 7/10
Entertainment Oh, yeah. 9/10

Waterworks is my picture-perfect example of a course that's great today and will suck tomorrow.  There aren't any multi-shot holes, but every hole's pretty and almost every hole is interesting.  I mean,  I like pretty much every hole, but none of them are really great holes.  Most of them make you think a little, but none of them make you think a lot.  There aren't any holes that I can sit here and get excited about the choices you have to make.

It's an easy course to find your way around, good signs, nice tee pads.  Let's see, no bathrooms at all (but, like most other non-bathroom courses, plenty of woods...).  There's no food right there, but down the hill on the road you come in on a mile or two there's a Sonic.  I'm not sure what's in the other direction on that road.

There are a few holes with some serious undergrowth, but with a decent shot they're not too bad, and most of the holes are crud-free.   Unless I'm forgetting something, there's no water on the course (maybe a creek on 9?) and certainly no water to lose a disc in (unless you really yank one down into the, uhmm, waterworks.).  I don't know of anywhere nearby to buy discs.

This course rocks. Easily the best in KC, this is the one to play. Every shot is something different (well, almost) and off hand I can't think of any holes that aren't at least a little bit interesting.  

You'd think that I'd have more to say about it, but, well, I really don't. Go play it.

Brett, Doug, Lynn, Dave, Mom, Dad

The family... after getting our collective butts kicked.  

This course flat out kicked my ass in Am Worlds... dammit.  But it's really not that tough, the rest of the field ate it up. My whole family was out 'cause they were going to Kansas (and who doesn't like to vacation in Kansas?) and we played a late evening round (missed the barbecue for it) which would've taken about a billion years except we made a rule where my mom would throw her own first shot (except on holes with danger of a cliff) and I'd throw her second (and, unfortunately, sometimes third...) and she'd putt. Sped things up considerably. Mom's cool...

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