Wickham Park, Melbourne, Florida

Mel Blanc thinks:
Difficulty 4/10
Diffi-fun-y 6/10

My favorite of the triple crown courses, despite its being the worst course.  Got that?  It was my favorite simply because I was in the mood for an easy course, and this is one.  If you can throw 375 feet you can birdie 'em all, and only 16 takes anything special.  There's some neat holes and some OB, but mainly it's repetitious.

It's in a big ol' park which is actually quite nice.  There's camping there if you can get over camping near six million RV's that all cost more than any house I've ever lived in and there's a Dog Track nearby, but then again, isn't there one of those every five miles in florida?

It's good good bathrooms and there is food and drink not too far away (since I've decided it's good to mention the things I want to know about a course).  There's also a community college nearby so if you happen to need to use a computer you can go into the library...

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