Wills Park, Alpharetta, Georgia

Doug's really tremendously well studied opinions:
Difficulty 10/10 when little league is going, 3/10 otherwise (was 5)
Fun and the like Hey, I really enjoy it... 6 (was 7)

Ok, what we got here?  There really aren't any multi-shot holes.  #16 is long, but it's still a birdie hole just like any of the others.  I think #7 is probably the best hole on the course, it's a controlled turnover, almost straight, with a reasonbly tight window for the first 50 feet, an OB creek on the right, and a couple big bushes on the left, 2/3 of the way to the basket.  With a good drive it's an easy birdie, but there are enough problems to make it interesting and you have to decide how much you want to risk going for the birdie and how much you just want to throw one out there, let it hyzer out, and take your long putt.

In general, I'm afraid to say, it's not really a very interesting course.  I used to love it, but, well, it's just not.  Add to the course's general easiness (although there are some cool throws to be had), it's often overrun by little kids and their oblivious parents.

It's a tough course to find your way around if you don't know the way.  Since it's about to be torn out and replaced, I'll refrain from telling you to go get the map from the ADGO web page...   The tee pads are dirt and, for the most part, unlabeled.  There are good bathrooms in the gym building by 18's basket (although there's no basket there anymore) and between holes 11 and 12.

There's a Wendy's about half a mile from the course that you'll see coming in and a quickie mart right next to it.

There's nasty crud in some places during the summer, but in general it's not too bad.  There are two creeks running through the course, but nowhere to lose a disc in the water.

The nearest disc sales are probably at the Play it Again Sports a couple miles from the course.  There's also a local guy, Wes Campbell, who sells discs and can be found at the park in the evenings.

I've soured a little on Wills lately and I'm not sure why.  I might just have overplayed it, but again that makes some statement about the course that it can't hold my interest in the face of (very) repeated play.  I've adjusted my ratings accordingly.

The running Wills forehand record table:

Da Dude Da Score
Ryan Even
 Doug +4

This is my home course, well, was, now it's an hour away (but roots and all, eh?). This is also the first "real" course I ever played (and our playing on the street dropped off, well, completely immediately thereafter) and one of my favorites. That said, it's very tough to find your way around the first time without a guide (or some patience) and there are often kids running through a few of the fairways, but it's worth a play if you have time to play more than one.

One of the better pictures I've taken, this is my brother on hole #9 walking towards the basket, which is somewhere between difficult and impossible to see.  Which is to say, I like this picture because it's pretty rather than some supremely subtle notion of it being an excellent disc golf shot (heh-heh).

Local doubles is Wednesday at 6 or so and there's usually some good talent out there (in spite of the presence of Team Lynx).

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