Slumming in the Deep South

There really are a lot of nice people in the world and I met a sizeable portion of them in Rock Hill this past week.   I'm becoming more and more convinced, however, that there aren't a lot of good disc golfers in the world.  

What do I mean by good?  I think at one time I thought that meant, "better than me," but no longer.  I'm a lousy golfer, I can't consistently throw a disc where I want to throw it.  When I see someone who can, I think it's cool.  Ken Climo is unquestionably a good golfer.  But how far down the standings do you have to go before you run into people who aren't?  Is Scott Stokeley good?  How about David Greenwell?  Brian Schweberger?  Carlton Howard?  Well, yes, they are.  I'm not sure I know anyone who wouldn't agree with me on that.  But dig down just a bit deeper,  into the middle of the pro pack at most tournaments, and that yes gets a little shakier.  

I'm constantly disappointed with the level of play in the advanced divisions,  always surprised by how few of us (yes, definitely us) can birdie the simplest of holes consistently, by how few of us can consistenly hit a fairway with an unambitious Roc shot.  That's easier to accept, though, than being disappointed by the level of play in the pro divisions where I expect all the little things to be done correctly, to see the game on a higher level.  I saw some amazing shots this past week, but I also saw an awful lot that, frankly, sucked.  That will change, of course, but slowly. Players who started when they were 8 are getting old enough to compete and we're beginning to see some outstanding young players.  I can't wait for the day when we have courses with legitimate par in the mid 60's and players tear them up.  I can't wait until I can go to the World Championships and look at every single player in the field and say, "Damn."

I was at my (formerly) local course yesterday messing around, trying to roller ace hole 4, and I was really pleased to see 15 or 20 little kids out there playing, having a good time, throwing ridiculously high on most shots (but hey...).  That was very cool.  (I've gotta admit that, after hanging around some of the best players in the world, I felt better knowing there were actually people out there that I could beat) I hope some of them play long enough and hard enough to become good, we desperately need that.

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