Old and Harsh and Really Tremendously Nasty

The subject to which I refer is, should you not have guessed it (which you undoubtedly did not, only getting close if you've met me and guessed this was autobiographical), refers to Mark Twain.  I just wrote an email to a girl I met in Rock Hill and quoted a letter he wrote, once upon a time (although I've gotta admit I was about to say it's from an old email he once wrote...).  Here it is:


To William Dean Howells:    

                                               January 18, 1909

Dear Howells:

  I have to write a line, lazy as I am, to say how your Poe article delighted me; and to say that I am in agreement with substantially all you say about his literature.  To me his prose is unreadable--like Jane Austen's.  No, there is a difference.  I could read his prose on salary, but not Jane's.  Jane is entirely impossible.   It seems a shame they allowed her to die a natural death.

   Another thing:  you grant that God and circumstances sinned against Poe but you also grant that he sinned against himself--a thing which he couldn't do and didn't do.

   It is lively up here now.  I wish you could come.

                                                  Yrs ever,



Ahh, yes.  My favorite part, of course, is the line about allowing her to die a natural death.  Every few months I remember it and quote it to someone.  Nicole said he sounded really egotistical (or somethign along those lines), which I thought was a fitting response.  I just think it's really funny.

Are you expecting more from this?  Perhaps a point?   A tie in to disc golf, something about the not being able to sin against yourself?   Sorry.  That was all, I just wanted to share the letter.


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